Specialist checking pipes

Have your pipes winterized to prevent them from bursting

If you don’t winterize your pipes, they could burst and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Let us help you avoid this costly problem.


Plumber maintaining pipes

Prevent extensive damage

Frozen plumbing in your home or business can cost you thousands of dollars. Ensure that your investment is properly winterized by professionals, as there are many things that can be overlooked when doing it yourself.

Contact Dr. Rooter at the end of the winter months to help you de-winterize as well. The entire process must be carefully reversed.

Winterizing your property

  • Shut off water supply and drain water heater
  • Drain fixtures and appliances
  • Add antifreeze to all drain traps
  • Drain toilet tanks
  • Well water services

Have a question about winterizing? Give us a call for a FREE estimate.


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